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Over 1,600 liters of beer a month!

THE NOBEL BREWHOUSE HERE. The professional level of the brewhouse. An innovative brewery with versatility and ease of operation. This model will give you from1600 liters of craft beer per month (every 30 days). You only need 15 m².

This is our best selling brewery plan and this is the final production plan. We recommend it to everyone who wants their own beer on industrial quality professional brewery. Plan Classic has everything you need to make beer. You only need to buy the ingredients (malt, hops and yeast).
Recommended to use
Best choice

Free layout
Professional and compact brewery.
Incredibly, but you really need only 15m² to place this brewery equipment, that will be really enough.

And this brewery real hard worker. The size and mobility of the brewery allows you to freely manage the space. Designed and engineers to get introduced craft beer to your guests.

1600L beer monthly
1600 liters of craft beer every month.
This model will give your business from 1600 liters of craft beer in one month. You can brew any style of beer for your customers and guests.

The brewery has 4 fermentors tanks volume by 400 liters each. You will get 1600 to 2400 per month and this amount can be increased.

Great price!
Only € 8,600 for turnkey brewery.
Compact size and commercial volume. Perfect looks and industrial quality. This is the best and recommended plan.

You get a complete turnkey brewery. Ease and friendly use for your creativity craft beer. This brewery is worthy of being introduced to your guests.
This ultimate plan only for € 8,600!

Choose your color
Brushed metallic or mirror brass. Choose the color that best suits your location. No extra fees.
Beer Keg
Filling your beer to regular metal kegs 20/30/50 liters.
Pet Beer Keg
Good alternative to metal kegs is Pet Kegs. No turnover and warehouse storage
Pint & glass
You can also pour beer directly to glasses from the tank.
READY TO BREW. Now you have an innovative, multifunctional brewing system at your service. The standard available heating method is electric heating elements. We can change the heating method to a steaming one, though. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in.

This brew plan is the best we have. The brewery includes 4 fermentation tanks. This volume from 1600 to 2400 liter of beer per month will surely meet the needs of your business. if it's not for you please let us know and we will change the configuration to the one you need.
Brewery Plan Classic
Book this amazing Classic plan today.